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About Design Kontrast

For almost the past 20 years, owner of Design Kontrast, Guy Lehouillier, has helped Quebec companies successfully develop innovative products and drive their expansion into international markets. Throughout his career, Mr. Lehouillier has provided clients vital expertise throughout each step of the product development process.

M. Lehouillier has worked for a variety of companies, such as MAAX, Modelex, Permafil, LPA Médical and Créaform. During his tenures, he developed unparalleled work methods as well as acquired vast experience in many different manufacturing processes:

Design Kontrast undestands the challenges Quebec companies face when developping and commercializing products targeted for Canadian and international markets. By combining his creative flair with his sense of practicality, Mr. Lehouillier develops products designed for maximum usability and marketability, while always respecting your tight deadlines and limited resources

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  info@designkontrast.com        Breakeyville - Québec - Canada     418-832.5354